Sorcha Pollack’s Book “New to the Parish”



This podcast was also aired on Cavan Online Radio on December 2019.  

Sorcha Pollak, an Irish journalist based in Dublin working for The Irish Times with a specific focus on migration and immigrant communities in Ireland. We talked about her book “New to the Parish: Stories of Love, War and Adventure from Ireland’s Immigrants” which is based on a weekly series in The Irish Times which features the stories of immigrants who moved to Ireland, their reasons for emigrating and how they have found life in Ireland. Have a listen as Sorcha also talks about her migrant roots, and her advice to migrant groups and the Irish people as a host community. 

Her words of advice:
– For migrant community organisations – integrate with the local community and collaborate with your local councils in implementing your community projects.
– For the Irish people and other Host countries: Be open, accepting and welcoming to immigrants, be compassionate and make the effort to develop relationships with the migrant community.
– For both migrants and Irish people: Use Sports, Music and Art as a common ground for appreciating different cultures, and education is always the key to mutual cultural understanding.

Also featuring music of Sabona Community Productions, Sorcha’s choice of song that represents cultural diversity.