Filipino Association of Cavan Participates in the Cavan Community Multicultural Events

Cavan Cross Cultural Community Participates in GAA Integration Event – October 14, 2018

The Latvian & Polish Societies had a wonderful performance at Cavan County Final on October 14, 2018.   Well done Cavan Cross Cultural Community for participating in the first integration event of the GAA!


“The Architecture of Society” aims to look at the current make up of our society and how it has changed in recent years. Mayor of Cavan Madeline Argue, 5 Dutch, 5 Norwegian, 5 Spanish, 5 Greek and 5 Romanian students as well as a number of students from Loreto, and teachers from each of the countries were in attendance. It was a great experience to share to a culturally diverse audience our life stories in Cavan, our second home.

Cavan Online Radio – from November 2018

Cavan Online Radio is the internet opportunity for people to share their voice in the Cavan region. 4C has a special segment to talk about issues and events involving the migrant community in Cavan. The Filipino Association of Cavan has developed podcasts in its special segment called “Moving Pains.”


AdCenter Stalls Exhibition Expo – November 2018

First FAC stall is up at the Cavan Library! Thank you for the opportunity AdCenter Stalls Exhibition Expo and the African Community in Cavan.


A lot of Irish, Filipino and multicultural friends in the community visited the Philippine Christmas Kiosk in Cavan including Mayor of Cavan Madeleine Argue, Councillor Daniel Downey, and Cavan Online Radio, and fellow migrants from Malaysia, India, Poland, Canada, and South Africa. Despite the rain, people ❤️LOVED❤️ the Philippine 🇵🇭 desserts and Filipino-inspired natural health and beauty products we sold on our second day.

Promoting Youth Awareness at Monaghan Institute – 11 January 2019

Pushing for Youth Awareness on migrant issues and challenges in Ireland, 4C answers questions on racism and cultural integration for a research study of an Intercultural Studies – Young People & Society Class. Students had a little glimpse of the lives of Nigerian, Ukrainian, South African and Filipino migrants in Ireland.

Integrating with the Local Community – 13 February 2019

Integrating and Promoting Awareness of the diverse communities in Cavan. 4C shares their life stories with the Killydoon Women’s Group at Mullahoran Parish Hall.

QQI Community Development Course – Feb-May 2019

Vanda Brady has completed the QQI Level 3 Community Development Course along with 4C members.  The course aims to equip participants with the knowledge, skills and competence to actively and positively participate in a multi-cultural society by showing respect, tolerance, and acceptance to cultural differences.  Two of her learning journals are featured on this website: ss

St. Patrick’s Day 2019 – 17 March 2019

Filipino Association of Cavan (FAC) of Cavan Multicultural Society at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Cavan Town. With Councillor Daniel Downey, Cavan Cross Cultural Community (4C) Facilitator Kate Ennals, 4C Chairman Stanley, and our fellow CMS co-members South African Marisa, Latvian Evija, Indian Blue, Polish Angnieszka , Congolese Tutu, Lithuanian Lida and the Brazilian ladies.

Philippine & Irish Dishes at 4C Multicultural Cookery Book Event – April 20, 2019

Over 20 countries had traditional dishes on show at the event.  It was well attended, a great networking event, and was proudly supported by Breffni Integrated CLG and Cavan Monaghan Education and Training Board.  The Filipino Association of Cavan presented a unique display of the traditional Chicken Adobo dish of the Philippines and Colcannon of Ireland.  The recipes will be published in a Multicultural Recipe book that will be released soon.


Cavan Community Fest – 17th May 2019


Filipino Association of Cavan participated in the Cavan Community Festivities & Awareness event at the Cavan Market Square by displaying the book of Vicenta Kennedy called “From the Philippines to Ireland:  A Voyage of Discovery” and some Philippine crafts.    Cavan Public Participation Network in partnership with Cavan FRC and several others successfully rolled out a day of Community Festivities and Awareness in the Market Square on May 17. The event brought over 30 service providers to the public of County Cavan and had an air of festive enjoyment. Street performers, kids fun time, cuisine experiences joined in with information stalls for family supports, mental health awareness, multicultural and disability services and community networks. This event was simply wonderful and all who participated and attended reflected on actually how enriched County Cavan is for having so many brilliant services at work for the people and communities of the county.

Cavan Arts Festival – May 18, 2019

The Filipino Association of Cavan (FAC) had the privilege to be part of the Cavan Arts Festival which was held at Con Smith Park.  

FAC Founder Vanda Brady talked about the book of Vicenta Kennedy “From the Philippines to Ireland” and Sociologist Researcher Diane Nititham’s book “Making Home in Diasporic Communities.”

Along with performers and artists from the Cavan Multicultural Society, Congolese Dance performances, Polish theatre, and Latvian Dance, Vanda also played a traditional Philippine patriotic song sang by famous folk singer Freddie Aguilar.called “Bayan Ko” (My Homeland)   



Bayan Ko

Ang bayan kong Pilipinas,
lupain ng ginto’t bulaklak.
Pag-ibig ang sa kaniyáng palad
nag-alay ng ganda’t dilág.
At sa kaniyáng yumi at ganda,
dayuhan ay nahalina.
Bayan ko, binihag ka,
nasadlak sa dusa.

Ibon mang may layang lumipad,
kulungin mo at umiiyak!
Bayan pa kayáng sakdal-dilag,
ang ‘di magnasang makaalpas?
Pilipinas kong mimutya,
pugad ng luhá ko’t dalita,
aking adhika:
makita kang sakdal laya!

Bayan Ko (My Country) – English Translation

Philippines, my country, my homeland,
Gold and flowers in her heart abound,
Blessings on her fate did love bestow,
Sweet beauty’s grace and splendor’s glow.
How her charms so kind and tender
Drove the stranger to desire her;
Land of mine, in fetters kept,
You suffered as we wept.

Birds that freely claim the skies to fly
When imprisoned mourn, protest and cry!
How more deeply will a land most fair,
Yearn to break the chains of sad despair?
Philippines, my life’s sole burning fire,
Cradle of my tears, my misery;
All that I desire:
To see you rise, forever free!

Cavan Community Irish Culture Workshop – 15th of June 2019


On June 15, Vanda spoke eloquently and passionately about being “New Irish” at the Cavan Community Irish Culture Workshop on June 15.  The event aimed to promote appreciation of Irish culture and heritage, from old and new communities through language, music, imagery and more.  

Cootehill Arts Festival – 30th June 2019


Cavan Cross Cultural Community set up a display of Culture & Heritage at the Arts Festival in Cootehill, Cavan. The Philippines was among the countries showcased including Vicenta Kennedy’s book “From the Philippines to Ireland: A Voyage of Discovery”. Over the years the festival has become an institution in the prominent town, bringing music and arts lovers from far and wide to enjoy concerts and other events from national and international world-class artists in an eclectic selection of special and frequently intimate venues and historic settings. Thank you to our dear friend Marisa for featuring the Philippines 🇵🇭.